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Caricatura tomada de BEN GARRISON.

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  1. On this topic, the Camel-uh Harris is accused of “toxic” behavior with her collaborators.


    Working for Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris would be far from an easy task and some of her former collaborators go so far as to describe a work environment “toxic” and “reactionary”. After the first revelations by Politico in June regarding its management, Insider gathered testimonies from 12 former employees of the former prosecutor and senator.

    Many describe a person “unpredictable” and sometimes “humiliating” towards his employees. A professor at the University of California reports having spoken with dozens of crying interns, who came to seek her advice. Insider also notes that the internship turnover rate in Kamala Harris’s office was one of the highest in the Senate. Since the Politico investigation, languages ​​have loosened within the networks of former collaborators. Kamala Harris’s excesses would have been proverbial in the circles of legal and parliamentary collaborators.

    Divergent opinions
    However, the vice-president also has advocates among her former collaborators. One of them judges, for example, that Kamala Harris was only subjecting her teams to the same level of demands that she had for herself. Another explains that “everyone loved” Kamala Harris, but that many employees “made themselves sick” by trying and showing themselves at the level of a much envied position. A rigor that helped make Kamala Harris the first woman and the first person of color to hold the vice-presidency.

    Tyrant or simple workaholic? The charges weigh even more heavily as Kamala Harris is seen by many as the future of the Democratic Party, if not the United States. Indeed, Joe Biden is, at 78 years, the oldest of the elected American presidents. Her suitability for a second term is widely in doubt, which could make Kamala Harris the natural candidate. Moreover, she would automatically become the first President of the United States if Joe Biden could not complete her term.

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